The #1 FX System In the World (VERIFIED)‏

2,573 Competitors, 25 Forex Champions
For the past 3 months, thousands of traders have been competing for the #1 spot in the SureFire Trading Challenge.
Traders from all walks of life… from all corners of the world.
In fact, this is the 3rd round of the SureFire Trading Challenge.
Ok… for those who are new to this competition idea, let’s re-cap what has been going on in the past 6 months or so.
About 6 months ago, the organizers of the SureFire Trading Challenge opened the first Forex competition where any FX trader with a manual trading system could fight for the grand prize. 
After the competition was finished, the wlnning trading systems were released to the public.
Today, the wlnning systems of the 3rd competition (and those of the previous competitions, too) are being released HERE.
These are the best Forex systems in the world… and no, it’s not a matter of opinion but a matter of FACT.. .a fact that was decided by a natural selection process – competition… a fact supported by verified results.
And talking about results… here’s just a small taste:

                                   – Samuel A.       2,956.15% 
                                   – Fitzroy D.        2,773.22%

                                   – Ahmad A.        2,307.78% 
                                   – Fitzroy D.        1,880.04%
                                   – Wasseem Z.    1,306.50%
                                   – Marcos F.        1,120.77% 

All in one month of trading, all accounts verified. 
“How Easy Is It To Replicate These Results?”
It’s a fact that these systems have outperformed every other system in the world. It’s verified, it’s proven – it’s the outcome of natural selection.
But what should concern you is how easily can you replicate that kind of performance with the wlnning systems.
I will answer this in 2 parts:
          1- Every single one of the traders that accomplished these results is a PART TIME trader… no professionals. These are people
               who proved to everybody that the only thing you need is a great system in order to get astounding results.
               The simplicity (but originallity) of their systems can be replicated by any person who’s ready to apply minimal effort (and I mean it, minimal effort!).
Make sure you visit the SureFire Trading Challenge website to check out the profiles of every trader and you’ll see that these are ordinary people (non-professionals) with an original and unique system.
          2.- The SureFire members area is designed with one objective in mind: teach you these champion FX systems UNTIL you learn  how to perfect them (which, for most, is as easy as ironing a shirt because of their mechanical nature).
What You Get
The true value of membership of the SureFire Trading Challenge “inner circle” can be found not only in the unique champion systems but also in the value packed features you get. 
Here are just a few:
    – Complete download of every system (PDF)
    – Video tutorial of each system so that you can visually understand how to implement it
    – Unconditional mentoring (until you learn every last detail of the systems!)
    – Unrestricted access to the inner circle forum (pure gold!)
    – Fast and efficient client support
    – New champion systems added after every new competition
    – Frequent webinars where the champion system developers participate to better educate you
      …and much more!
You can go here to check out every detail of the systems you get and the
great value that inner circle membership provides.
Separating The Pure Gold From The B.S.
I know that in today’s world of hype and B.S. it’s hard to ask for a trader’s confidence but we do ask of it from you now.
Trust us on this…
You will not regret it!
You will thank us for quite some time to come after you experience what the SureFire Members Area provides (both content wise and when it comes to professional level support).
You will be taken from a zero pip trader to a constant deposit doubler (at least) every single month using the exact same systems that the top performers of the competition use on a daily basis.
If you truly want to make a living and generate true wealth as a Forex trader by using the best systems in the world JOIN the SureFire Trading Challenge Inner Circle.
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